How Does It Work ?


1. Free Consultation

Our consultants start preparing your solar system according to your saving target and your electricity bill, either on the phone or face to face meeting.

2. Custom System Design

Our experts start designing your custom made solar system and present it to you.

3. Permit Process

Our permit department will make sure that all of the permits and paperwork your city and local utility company require are taken care of.

4. Installation

On typical installation day, you can expect our experts to have your solar system up and ready in about 4 to 8 hours.

5. Inspection

Our inspection team performs our internal quality assurance audit and completes all necessary inspection with the local utility and city.

6. Start Saving

Your system is ready to be turned on, and you can start saving.

Harvest The Sun For Your Energy Needs

Solar Plans


Solar Purchase

Buy your solar system in cash

No monthly payment

Product & workmanship warranty

Upfront cost

You will have tax credits & incentives

Solar Loan

Finance your purchase with affordable monthly payment

Monthly payment

Product & workmanship warranty

No upfront cost

You will have tax credits & incentives

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