Eternity Energy

Eternity Energy, based in New Jersey, is a full-service solar installation company offering turn-key solutions to provide homeowners with simple and affordable clean energy. Our mission, since the beginning, has been to empower people who would like to take advantage of the sun (eternal energy source).

Our team consists of enthusiastic, highly trained and experienced solar professionals. Our global experience and expertise go into every solar system we design and install. Our goal in everything we do is to provide the very best solar energy system available, as well as design and install your leading edge solar system that will last a lifetime.

We provide clean, renewable energy at an affordable cost

Eternity Energy is committed to providing homeowners with affordable solar energy systems made from the highest-quality materials.

We are able to offset expensive electricity prices

Eternity Energy solar systems produce electricity much more efficiently than traditional utilities. So you can save money.

We reduce the amount of air pollution and carbon dioxide

The solar energy generated by an average 10 kW Eternity Energy system over 20 years is estimated to offset about 196 metric tons of CO2​​​​​​​.

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